Our SIGNS are a fun way of showing your love or making a statement! We offer both a finished sign and a rustic unfinished sign. We can put almost anything you want to say on these signs or find the perfect one among our many sayings. They are always different sizes and construction and no two are alike. Due to differences in the wood your sign may not be exactly the same as the picture! Prices are shown with pictures.

If My Dog Doesn't Like You... - $24.00

No Coffee - No Talkie - No Workee - $24.00

The House was Clean Yesterday - $24.00

Wood Burned - Dog and Cat Silhouette - Large - $17.50

Wood Burned - Dog and Cat Silhouette - Small - $12.50

Wood Burned - Dog Silhouette - Small - $12.50

Dog Lover - 10"x15" Sign - $25.00

Dog Lover - 8"x18" Sign - $25.00

Cats rule and dogs drool!! - $24.00

As a matter of fact it is all about the dog!! - $24.00