Our famous Rescue Blankets! They help us rescue animals and we give them away to recues! These fleece blankets are perfect for your pet! They can be used on top of your pets bed, on their favorite piece of furniture, in your auto, or for a variety of uses. Super soft double fleece with finished edges and quilting, they are oh so soft, durable, and machine washable. Our sizes are (approximately) SMALL.. 24"x 30" for $16.00, MEDIUM .. 30"x 30" for $18.00, LARGE.. 30"x 36" for $20.00, EXTRA LARGE.. 30"x 44" for $22.00. We have a variety of prints and add more all the time! Each blanket is made by hand with love sewn in!

Paw - Brown Blanket

Big Paw - Black Blanket

Camo - Blue Blanket

Camo - Straw Blanket

Camo - Wood Blanket

Dogs - Green Blanket

Firehouse Dog - Blanket

Gone Fishing - Blue - Blanket

Red/Green Dogs - Aqua Blanket

Horses Running - Brown Blanket

Seahawks - Green Blanket

Seahawks - Blue Plaid Blanket

Cowboys - Blue Plaid Blanket

Cowboys - Blue Blanket

Plaid - Blue Blanket

Flowers - Pink Blanket

Brown Dogs - Aqua Blanket

Black Cat - Pink Blanket

Solid Dark Blue - Blanket

Solid Brown Blanket

Solid Green - Blanket

Solid Grey - Blanket

Solid Pink - Blanket